Faux Painting & Finishes

You may be familiar with the term “faux painting.” Unfortunately, the term faux painting is used to describe a variety of procedures, most of which really do not qualify as faux painting at all. The word faux is derived from the old French “fals” for false, fake or not real.  The current usage of the word faux in American English vernacular is used to describe something as being artificial, fake or not the genuine article.  There certainly are techniques that qualify as faux painting, particularly wood graining, faux leather, faux marble and Trompe L’Oeil, but many of the decorative techniques applied today are incorrectly called faux when they simply are not. There is nothing fake about a strie, a rag-roll or color wash for it to be called faux.  Additionally venetian plaster on the interior and limewash on the exterior are often categorized as faux which they are not.

Truly, you will be hard-pressed to find a decorative finish that Designs Unlimited Painting and Carpentry cannot create.  If you see something in a magazine or on a home decorating show we can make it happen, just ask.

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