A beautifully constructed and maintained deck not only increases a home’s value but gives homeowners a place to experience outdoor living in an atmosphere of luxury and security. At Designs Unlimited Painting and Carpentry we employ a team of construction experts in decks, rails, and pergolas to make sure that the end result is both functional and long lasting. Designs Unlimited Painting and Carpentry is also experienced in staining, refurbishing, and restoring wood deck structures. Looking for something specific? Our team is happy to work with you to make sure all your needs and project goals are met!

The integrity of a deck’s construction is key to its safety and usability. Our team of carpenters and craftspeople will pool their experience together to construct decks of superior design, construction, and functionality.



Is your deck still in good shape but could use some help? Existing decks can be easily restored to new life with carpentry repairs, power washing and staining.

Backed by years of field experience, Designs Unlimited Painting and Carpentry bridges the gap between splendid design and practical application. Find out how we can help transform your outdoor space. Get a free estimate on your next deck construction or refinishing project.